Lobster Miso

Freshly captured “Ise” Lobster from the fishing grounds of Nichinan City, which boasts abundant natural Ise shrimp catches, and takes care of the soup stock by collaborating with the additive-free miso, only at Suzunoya’s hands Miso of Ise shrimp that does not enter is completed!

Enjoy simple and delicious dishes at home using lobster miso, which is good for serving with rice, mixed with ramen and udon. Recommended recipe is also available!

Please choose from three kinds of flavor, sweet, mild and hot.

How to make lobster miso

1)Slowly simmer fresh lobster with a pot.

2)Boil the lobster and take out the taste of the Ise shrimp from the broth.

3)Combine natural miso with the delicious ingredients of the lobster.

4)The taste of Ise shrimp and miso, and the secret spice (including chef master’s love etc.) will be introduced.

5)It will be finally completed if it mixes with a few hours so that the taste of Ise shrimp and miso will be mixed evenly.


Delivery of bottled Ise shrimp miso with Suzunoya original gift case. Ideal for small gifts for loved ones.

Home use

If you would like to enjoy the taste of the Suzunoya at your own home, this is a reasonable price and it is recommended that you use Ise shrimp miso stuffed with a lean case.

Fisherman’s Sauce

The taste of Suzunoya’s founding 100-year tradition. It is the secret of the secret that serves as the basis of the food provided in the store.

Even if you are not good at fishy smell such as bonito and tuna, if you pick up the fisherman’s sauce, the smell will disappear and you can easily enjoy the harmony of fish taste and sauce at home. Other than fish, please mix with steamed chicken and dressing and use it as you like.

“Tsukudani Hogushi”(bonito flake)

The fishing ground that spreads in front of the Suzunoya Ryokan is the port city of Katsuo, which boasts the largest amount of landed land in Japan besides Ise shrimp. Fresh and freshly cooked bonito is simmered in sweet sauce and turned into completely additive-free flakes.

The raw smell of bonito is not felt at all, and it is a very popular dish for children who are not good at fish. Of course, it’s also great for serving tops with salads, breads and sandwiches when there is a small belly.

Suzunoya Ryokan assortment

Seasonal greetings, household products for the popular Suzunoya family gifts for gifts, gifts and ceremonial occasions. Please rest assured that all of them will be missed. We will package the original Suzunoya products and deliver them to you all together!

Luxury set

※Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary

・3 x Lobster miso(sweet, mild and hot)
・5 x Fisherman’s sauce
・3 x Tsukudani Hogushi

Deluxe set

※Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary

・1 x Lobster miso(choose one from sweet, mild or hot)
・5 x Fisherman’s sauce
・3 x Tsukudani Hogushi

Superior set

※Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary

※Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary

・3 x Fisherman’s sauce
・2 x Lobster miso or Tsukudani Hogushi

For customers with food allergies

※In this product, 7 items of specified raw material allergic substances (egg, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, buckwheat), 20 items of allergic substances equivalent to specified raw materials (abalone, squid, how much, orange, kiwifruit, pine nuts, beef)・ Walnut, salmon, mackerel, soy, chicken, pork, thigh, potato, apple, gelatin, banana, sesame, cashew nut) are included.

The sensitivity to allergic substances varies among individuals and does not guarantee that customers will not develop allergic symptoms. Before you eat it, please check the name of the raw material for the product and make a final judgment in consultation with a specialist physician.

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