The taste of the founding 100 years

Founded Suzunoya in 1955
The greatest hospitality of the Suzunoya Ryokan is the excellent seafood
The smile of the third generation chef master is the secret of the deliciousness
If there is special miso, sauce, flakes
The taste of Suzunoya Ryokan can be reproduced at home

Fisherman's Recipe "Katsuo Meshi"

The origin of the Suzunoya Ryokan is the bloodline of a fisherman who has served the sea around the world
Traditional fishery bonito bonito which we inherit now
I pick up the bonito only with my own arm and one rod
Reproduce the authentic taste of fishermen
A delicious bonito soup that has been carefully pickled into the Suzunoya characteristic sauce

Suzunoya's Specialty "Lobster Miso"

Based on completely additive-free miso
I take a soup with a natural Ise shrimp landed locally
Hidden taste of the bonito extract that was caught
Finish is added to the secret sauce that has been passed down generations
The texture of Ise shrimp spreads in the mouth




Suzunoya's Speciality
Lobster Miso


Enjoy Suzunoya's taste
at your home.

Three flavors

Sweet - if you don't like sharp taste, this is the best choice.
Mild - if you like spicy but not big challenger.
Hot - if you want to try something beyond your experience.

Enjoy the mouth-filling Ise Lobster flavor.

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Color of Food


Unique recipes
from customers.

Taste that is loved beyond the country

An unprecedented Japanese food boom abroad.

The Suzunoya family's Ise shrimp miso, bonito flakes, and fisherman's feast are delighted by people all over the world as new dishes combined with local ingredients and recipes.

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Spread out the blue sea


Not only Suzunoya's original products,
but also you can enjoy the food of
the most outstanding chef masters.

Panoramic view of the sea, have a peaceful day

For fresh seafood, enjoy a space where you can overlook the calm sea